Mathys, Alexander, Prof. Dr.

Prof. Dr.  Alexander Mathys

Prof. Dr. Alexander Mathys

Nachhaltige Lebensmittelverarb. 

LFO  E 12.2 

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The Sustainable Food Processing group focuses on a system oriented approach in food production via the consideration of the total value chain including emerging needs in society and their environmental, economic and social impact. Sustainable Food Processing is part of the global bioeconomy. Life cycle sustainability assessment LCSA as guidance tool is the foundation of our emerging food process development. Selected mechanical, biotechnological, thermal and non-thermal techniques to realize several objectives such as i) biomass and (ii) energy use efficiency, (iii) significant waste reduction along the food value chain and (iv) healthy and high quality food production are evaluated. Innovative raw materials from algae and insects are utilized within urban farming and processing concepts to enable new ways of sustainable food supply.

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Mathys is food technologist and received his Ph.D. in food processing in 2008. He is Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) in Sustainable Food Processing at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland since 2015, where he is focusing on more efficiency and sustainability of value chains in food and feed. His current research focus is on material and energetic utilization of plant based side streams, micro process engineering and extrusion for tailored structure formation and synthesis, innovative multi hurdle technologies for gentle preservation of healthy and high quality food, novel protein sources from algae and insects to improve food security as well as life cycle sustainability assessment as basic analysis in food processing. Dr. Mathys was Head of the Bioeconomy Department at German Institute of Food Technologies DIL with 10 direct report in 2012-2015. He was expert in non-thermal preservation and sterilization technologies at the Nestlé Research Centre Lausanne in 2009-2012. Dr. Mathys is the author of 60 publications and attended more than 80 international conferences. He won several prestigious research awards at the International Union of Food Science and Technology IUFoST, International Congress on Engineering and Food ICEF, Institute of Food Technologists IFT and European High Pressure Research Group EHPRG. Furthermore Dr. Mathys was selected “Young Researcher” of the 60th Meeting of Nobel Laureates 2010, “Einstein Young Scholar 2010” and “A.T. Kearney Scholar 2011 & 2012 at the Falling Walls conferences. He also served as lecturer, teacher, reviewer and supervisor with several universities and organizations.


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Autumn Semester 2017

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752-3201-00L Emerging Thermal and Non Thermal Food Processing 
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